Wednesday 20 December 2017

The Hidden Pin Up #13 - I'm not really into black girls but...

I'm still looking for stories of racial fetishisation from women of colour for The Hidden Pin Up project. I am transferring them onto the hessian feathers of the burlesque fans I have made that will be danced with by Manchester's House of Ghetto as part of a performance exploring the history of the black Pin Up.

Below is one of the most recent responses I've had. If this rings any bells with you, get in touch and tell me your story! You can share anonymously in the comments section of this blog or message me on my Facebook page. Contributions posted on my blog will be anonymous. To find out more about this project search this blog for The Hidden Pin Up series.

My experience has mainly been in the work place and passing/sweeping statements about my culture/hair, and just my work colleague’s lack of understanding and ignorance of black culture and heritage. 

So for example I am the only POC in my office and I have comments like ‘how do you get your hair like that', ‘can you brush it’, ‘what happens when it gets wet’ ‘can you tie it in a bobble’, ‘can i touch your hair’ , ‘never realised it was that soft’. 

I could go on and on but they are some of the daily micro-aggressions I have encountered. 

Friday 1 December 2017

The Hidden Pin Up #12 - You can be my mocha

I am getting some great stories in from my call out for your tales of black fetishisation for The Hidden Pin Up project, thank you, please keep them coming. 

The title of this post is from one of those stories, in fact the first one one I collected and I think it perfectly encapsulates the preconceived notions and misjudged ideas many black females face on an everyday basis. 

The article 'Is your sexual desire for black people racist' from states,

'When you focus on stereotypes instead of treating a person like an individual shaped by their heritage, background, and unique experiences, that person becomes an extension of your imagination'

...and what poor and filthy imaginations some people have as shown below in the message I had sent in today. 

Please contact me to share your own experiences of black fetishisation, all messages will be posted anonymously and may be used as part of the art work for this project. Check out The Hidden Pin Up posts on this blog to find out more:

Hey Gemma! I have a few gems for you .... 😑 I've had a lifetime of it tbh but standout favourites include the classic: I'm not really into black girls but you're amazing

Also on tinder: 'I've never fucked a black girl before'

(and you never will :))

Recently from a white guy 'do you prefer white guys?'??? is he asking 'am I a racist'


At a bar one time with my then boyfriend: 'What's a sexy sister like you doing with a white guy'

Frequently being addressed as 'Sista' bc we are all sassy charactures and love to be called that by white guys...

Also 'I bet you're a tiger in the sack' and other variations on that, though Idk if that's race related or just general gross