Thursday 21 June 2012

News and updates

Today Fiona visited the studio to pick up her portrait. Even though I'd completed this painting a couple of months ago it wasn't until today that Fiona saw it with her own eyes.

I'm very pleased to say she loved it and said she thought it was beautiful! I love to see the finished article in the hands of the person who commssioned it as it gives me a sense of real satisfaction!

Other news:

Currently I'm busy putting a profile together of who my audience is based on the results of my online survey. Thanks to you lot who helped me out! And congrats to the prize draw winner, Mikey from Stoke, who was lucky enough to gain a limited edition print just by answering some questions about my art practice!

I plan to use my survey information in marketing my work. It's been fun because this is a totally different aspect to the creative hands on side of being an artist and I feel I'm learning new skills as I go.

Art news:

In between the pie charts and data analysis I've been putting together some ideas for a new series of paintings; I recently read a book based in the early 1800's where reference was made to a 'tatez-y' (pronounced tat-ay-zee). To put it into context, a lady's freckle was being admired and was refered to as a 'tatez-y' or 'touch here', to translate the french slang.

I thought how wonderful this idea was; subtley sensual but sweet at the same time, to focus on a blemish or mark on the skin and turn it into something desirable and decadent. I've looked online for more about this phrase but so far have only found reference to it as a low lacey neckline from the same peroid. I'll continue to research to see what more can be found and I have an idea to make this an interactive project turning the intimate into a celebrated theme. It's all a bit hazy at the moment but I'll keep you informed as I go...

A long long time ago I told you about my femme fatale diptych I planned to embroid based on historic themes. Those of you who visit my Facebook page will have seen this photo before but I have now completed Madame Guillotine (I just haven't got a finished photo of her yet) and I'm going to start work on Lady Gunpowder in the next few weeks!

When they are finished I plan to frame them, unlike my past embroideries which I have left in the hoop to be displayed, I think these ladies need a gilded window in which to look out of so I'm hoping to find for some antique style gold frames. I'll let you know how I get on :)

Saturday 2 June 2012

Jubilee cheesecake!

In 1953 two fabulous things happened, firstly Elizabeth Winsdor was crowned Queen of England, Head of the Commonwealth and Defender of the Faith, and secondly one of the best films ever was released, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes!

To celebrate this eventful weekend and get us all in the jubilee spirit I created this image in honor of Her Majesty with a little inspiration from that Hollywood era which gave us Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe in fine glamorous form! 

It's easy to forget that our Queen was once a young woman too, and quite a fox at that! So happy Diamond Jubilee weekend Your Majesty, thanks for the last 60 years!