Tuesday 8 December 2015

Rebel Princess - For The Love Of The Force

I spent a busy weekend working as one of a group of artists painting live at the For The Love Of The Force Star Wars event in Manchester.

Of course I painted Princess Leia, and I wanted to show her as the provocative, strong, feminist icon she is! I took inspiration from classic pin up styles, the sort of thing you'd find on a B52 bomber and I also added a tattoo to underline her rebel status.

This is possibly the fastest painting I've ever done, especially when you consider that the finished piece is over seven foot tall! Also painting in front of thousands of people as they explored the Star Wars convention was daunting and rewarding all at once. People really do enjoy seeing art being made. Here's how it happened:

And THIS is just a snippet of what was going on all around us while we painted!

I had a fab and exhausting time! My Princess Leia #RebelPrincess is staying up along with the other artworks created over the weekend for a week at Bowlers and will be auctioned off at the end of it. Keep an eye on the Bowlers website and facebook page for more details!

(This is SUCH a difficult pose to do with any kind of refinement as you can see!)