Monday 11 April 2011

Online now!

The second installment of Mrs Brown's Diary is now online! The diary tells the story of Mrs Brown a young vivacious housewife from 1951. It is inspired by the objects I found in the decorative arts collection at Stoke Potteries Museum and Art Gallery which are now on display as part of Mrs Brown's dressing room. You can see the display and read the hidden story behind it now! The project runs until the 18th September.

Other news:

I was recently interviewed for the online arts magazine Design Splat, you can read my interview to find out about me and my practice HERE.

Friday 8 April 2011

Aphrodite Les Folies

There are moments in life that stand out for their perfection, they capture a pinpoint in time where everything seems to meld into something that resonates so strongly with you that it will forever stay in your memory. Seeing Kylie Minogue perform last Saturday was one of those moments.

It would be easy to scoff at my adoration of Kylie, even think I was being ironic or tongue in cheek about her work, but I truely find her inspirational and one of the most creative and driven artists of our time. I get sick of hearing people (especially other artists) trying to justify liking music or t.v or even art that is popular, and therefore deemd to have less artisitic merit, by being sarcastic about it, or worse belittling it when they have just admitted to prescribing to it.

So I am going to say it load and say it proud, I love Kylie Minogue!

Her career is one big study into the power of artifice and femininity, with her ever changing styles, musical paths and narrative themes. It's fair to say the Aphrodite Les Folies Tour did not dissapoint!

Taking inspiration from the title of Kylie's newest album, the show (I think the word 'show' suits it much better than concert) had an ancient greek theme. Smoke curled mystically around the stage of greek columns and arches, and beautiful footage of buff males swirlling underwater accompanied the building choral music. A familiar beat slowly crept in and the audience readied themselves for the appearance of Kylie. But it wasn't Kylie that rose from the floor, it was Aphrodite herself, born of the sea in a giant golden scallop shell...

...OK, it WAS Kylie, but judging by the glory of her entrance and the worship her fans poured onto her I wouldn't be suprised if she really did embody a modern day goddess of love. For Saturday night was one big love in. 

As Aphrodite went on a journey of love, wrath and triumph the stage show followed her story, perfectly illustrated by Kylie's hits and new songs. As she sang we were treated to fighting Spartan warriors, celestial spirits and lots and lots of water!

Well known classics were reinterpreted in new and suprising ways; A stand out moment for me was the sultry torchlight rendition of Slow. Words couldn't do it justice, but it was fair to say many of the auidence were blown away and myself and my friends thought it was one of the most magnificent things we had witnessed. Being there as part of the moment was something I'm so glad to have experienced.

There was also perhaps one of the campest things I've ever seen as Kylie mounted the back of a huge muscley angel and flew over the auidence, pure genius, and something only Kylie could get away with. Other treats included a chariot pulled by more brawny dancers in pony play outifts, an appearance by Pegasus and a water themed grand finale that was like seeing a Vargas painting crossed with a Busby Berkley musical come to life!

Once again, the points of reference were breath taking, Miss Minogue really seems to know her stuff mixing ancient myth with vintage glamour and contemporary sub culture in an intellegant and joyful way that will be fuelling my imagination for weeks if not years to come!