Saturday 31 March 2012

Artist: Help wanted!

I have launched my survey to find out more about my audience, and that means YOU! Your thoughts and opinions matter! Not only will you be helping me hugely, you could also be in with a chance to win a limited edition high quality print of my work! Just follow the link here to my website and click on the survey. Many thanks in advance!!!

Monday 26 March 2012

Updates and a host of deadly women!

It feels like ages since I last posted, and the reason for that is because it has been ages! But rather than kicking back and watching re-runs of Horrible Histories on loop (as much as I'd love to), I've been busy putting several projects into place;

Firstly,  I have been putting together some market research to find out more about my audience; that means YOU!  I will soon be launching a Gemma Parker Artist Survey to find out who you guys are and your relationship with art. I'll need your help and to show my eternal thanks there will be a chance for you to win a limited edition art print of my work in a prize draw as part of the survey! 

I'll be doing this very soon so keep posted!

Secondly the portrait commission for latex model and all round glamour puss Fiona is all but finished, I just need to do a few tweaks here and there, and she will soon be the proud owner of a very striking portrait of herself in a haze of vibrant rouge!


Lastly I have been working on a new diptych embroidery based on the concept of the 'femme fatale', but with an historic theme. I've really been enjoying this rather bloody inspired work and will report more soon!


In the meantime here's some of my favourite Femme Fatales from art and film!

Rose Loomis -Niagara

Marilyn Monroe plays a sultry yet vulnerable mistress of doom in this fabulous fifties drama. Dubbed as 'A raging torrent of emotion even nature can't control' Monroe was given the chance to play a different character to her usual dizzy gold digger, and she does a great job! As the manipulative and shallow Rose, Monroe was photographed in front of the famous falls comparing her unparalleled form to one of natures wonders.

Lizze Siddal - Artist and model

Starting out as a model to the Pre Raphaelites after being 'discovered' in a milliners shop, Lizzie soon became the sole muse of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, who she went on to marry. Their relationship before the marriage however was far from perfect with a firey courtship, constantly falling out then passionately in love again. Rossetti's infidelities caused Lizzie to become insecure and exacerbated her mystery illness (probably the results of laudanum addiction). After just  two years of marriage and a miscarriage Lizzie took an overdose and passed away. But she was to have the last laugh as her image haunted Rossetti for the rest of his life causing him to slowly lose his mind, believing her restless spirit blamed him for her death. Even today Siddal is an icon of feminine mystery and the power a woman's allure can have over men.

Medusa- Greek Mythology

Poor old Medusa has always had my vote. Turned into a monstrous serpent woman with snakes for hair, her mere gaze turned mortals to stone. But she wasn't always the badass bitch you see here. Originally she was a beauty who inspired much jealousy from the gods eventually being turned into a hideous form as punishment by Athena. The ultimate woman wronged, she took her revenge on all men by creating a garden of statues from their lifeless bodies.

Other Femme Fatales worth a look: 

Bridget Gregory - The Last Seduction; Linda Fiorentino plays the ultimate bitch who has her cake and eats it!
Lora King - Die a Little; Amazingly evocative 'noir' thriller written by Megan Abbott
Norma Desmond - Sunset Boulevard; Wonderfully flawed and gloriously glamorous Gloria Swanson