Wednesday 27 May 2009


Don't miss the fabulous event to be held at Urbis tonight! Urbis Creatives!!!! Be there or be square!
7.30pm - 10.00pm FREE art and entertainment!

Tuesday 19 May 2009

A night of art and entertainment!

It's an age old situation; many an artist or musician has had to work full or part time while pursuing their creative ideas, yet in this instance art and job have combined in a new website to showcase their work!

Next Wednesday will see the launch of a brand new concept for artists and galleries! Urbis, Manchester's premier landmark building and gallery of city life, will be hosting Urbis Creatives. This one of a kind brand new project has been put together by the staff from Urbis to showcase the various creative expertise we have outside of work.

The evening will also include orignal artwork on display, workshops, live music and myself performing in The Chantilly Belles burlesque act!

With creative endevours ranging from; Photography, graphic design, fine art, illustration, creative writing and music this is sure to be a very unique and orignal event!

I will also be displaying examples of my artwork, so come along and support the best artistic talent Manchester has to offer for a very fun and different kind of private view!

Wednesday 13 May 2009

Naughty nautical update!

Hooray, I have overcome my technical difficulties and can now share with you what I've been up to:
Rack and Ruin is now finished. This nautical saying literally means shipwrecked, no hope and despair! So when it's all gone to rack and ruin for you remember, it could be worse! As for this poor sailor girl, she's in a pretty bad way. The seaweed around the main picture is actually called 'Wrack' and I added octopuses (apparently 'Octopi' is not grammatically correct as I thought) to symbolise the depths of the sea and the slippery creatures that could soon be feasting on her unfortunate bones!

I also decided to show you a painting I did some time ago; although it's not based on a nautical saying I really enjoyed putting this piece together and I think it has a similar melancholy feel related to the sea.

A Sailor Stole My Heart, was inspired by a line I read in a magazine. The girl in this painting is one the many women who have fallen for sailors on shore leave, men who aren't looking for long-term relationships, just a good time before they ship off to a differnt far flung destination. This lady is crying for her lost love, her limbs and torso also make up the shape of an anchor, whilst the nautical stars symbolise the Navy and also might help navigate her away from this upsetting situation.

Tuesday 5 May 2009

Burlesque film youtube debut!

Hi everyone! I am pretty excited this week as the fabulous film made about The Chantilly Belles for The Lowry's 'Express Yourself' family dance exhibition has now been put on youtube! So for the first time here it is to share with you! We have the lovely Hilary Easter Jones of Wynter Productions to thank for making this film. You can contact her at:

'Express Yourself' runs at The Lowry until Sunday 27th September and is free! Galleries Open: Sun - Fri 11am; Sat 10am. Close: Closing times daily 5pm.