Wednesday 31 October 2012

Affordable art for all! Well, until 13th Nov!

'Top Bunk! has now become the best-selling Cornerhouse Projects exhibition in recent memory'

This was the news on Facebook this week! The show co-curated by Bren O Callaghan and myself which launched earlier this month has already sold more work than any other Cornerhouse Projects exhibition and it's not even done yet!

With just under two weeks left you can still see work by The Hammo, John Powell-Jones, Simon Misra, David Bailey, Tasha Whittle, Adam Cadwell and Bryony Jackson and myself in the Cornerhouse cafe-bar.

All the work is for sale and is made up of limited edition prints and original art work at very affordable prices! So if you're looking for a Christmas present with a difference this year get down there while you can!

For a list of work and prices you can download the exhibition guide HERE

Cornerhouse 70 Oxford St Manchester M1 5NH

Other news:

Sketch-O-Matic which was launched in conjunction with Top Bunk! to promote accessible and affordable art was also a huge hit with well over 1000 visitors in it's 10 day run! This simple idea of an automated photo booth where an artist replaces the camera really captured the public's imagination.

On the opening night I got filmed for a short piece about the booth and you can see me amongst other Manchester artists talking about our experiences with Sketch-O-Matic in this one off video :)

Tuesday 16 October 2012

I wanna booth with you!

 Some of last nights portraits while I was in the Sketch-O-Matic booth

This week sees the return of Sketch-O-Matic at the Cornerhouse Manchester. Held in conjunction with Top Bunk! currently exhibiting in the cafe-bar, Sketch-O-Matic is a full size photo booth where the camera is replaced by an miniaturised artist studio and one very cramped artist!

Only on until this coming Sunday come and catch it while you can and get you portrait done by one of over 40 Manchester artists including ME!

My confirmed times are:
Friday 7-9pm
Saturday 7-8pm

Thursday afternoon tbc!

I was in there last night for two hours and had a blast drawing a host of beautiful Mancunians! I love your faces people! See my Facebook page for updates and photos of portraits done so far!...

Friday 12 October 2012


It's tonight, it's new art and it's Top Bunk!

Affordable limited edition prints from artists both local and from around the UK:

Hammo, John Powell-Jones, Gemma Parker, Simon Misra, Emma Mount, David Bailey, Tasha Whittle, Adam Cadwell and Bryony Jackson
6pm Cornerhouse Cafe-bar
Runs until 13th Nov 2012

70 Oxford Rd
M1 5NH