Tuesday 13 January 2015

What I'm doing for the show!

So, you know those tattoo stories I've been collecting from you about your love tattoos you now regret? I've been turning those stories into new tattoo designs:

These designs will go on to be made into tattoo transfers which will be available via a vintage fairground style dispensary machine called 'The Tattooed Lady' for a new group show in the spring at HOME.
It's a funny thing doing art. Sometimes you have a brilliant idea and you know exactly what it is you're going to do. Other times you have a hazy feeling and follow that until something gels and somewhere down the line the work emerges.

This project is definatley the latter. 

For this work I knew I wanted to do something based around the tattooed performers of the travelling fair but I wasn't 100% sure what. So I began the work regardless and over Christmas the ideas took a more definative shape.

'The Tattooed Lady' machine will be based on a vintage penny arcade machine/ candy dispencer prominant during the early 20th Century to tie in with the vintage fairground theme.

It will be decorated and feature a lovely tattooed lady in the design. I want it to be highly attractive and fun to use. Here's my rough ideas for the piece:

As I mentioned above the machine will dispence tattoo transfers. I've been collecting your stories of love tattoos you now regret; tattoos that have become outdated declarations of love, to inspire these transfer designs, but I still need more!

So if you would like to have your story turned into a piece of art work to feature in an exhibition this spring please get in touch! I am after stories of true love, teenage impulse, blind fanatacism and passion. Your love could be for anybody or anything but the tattoo must be something you now feel differently for.

There will be a cut off point for sharing your stories soon so please get in touch now! You can share anonymously through my website if you would rather stay private, or you can contact me directly via twitter, facebook or email.

Get in touch and have your story turned into new art!

Oh, and a big thank you to those who have already taken part!