Monday, 29 August 2011

The value of your words

Having feedback about your work is always helpful, and can be very positive. But to inspire creativity through your own efforts is a wonderful feeling!

I was absolutley thrilled when Joanna Webster was inspired by my online serial, Mrs Brown's Diary, to put pen to paper. Joanna is a poet, song writer and singer whose work has been published in countless poetry journals. I really enjoy her approachable thought provoking poetry which covers her many interests from Beatles mania to Easter egg excitment! I am particularly impressed with this work which I feel captures a whole new angle on the Mrs Brown story. For this new poem Joanna explains her reaction to Mrs Brown:

'This is my interpretation of her as if she were a real person and as if I really had discovered her diary in present day.
So I've not gone into specifics, just what I think and feel as I'm reading.
And it's quite a different style of writing to what I normally do'

Mrs Brown’s diary 
By Joanna Webster

Mrs Brown, if only you knew
As you sat at the mirror, some years ago, thinking
Pen in hand and sending questions out into the cosmic void
Viewing your dreams as art on someone else’s wall
And wondering whether to worry that the life you lead is small

If only you knew the value of your words
And how all the nothings that mean more than so many something’s
Will become the gossip point as I talk on corners with friends
Like the starry eyed keeping up with Hollywood trends

If only you knew that I’d get beautifully lost
in finding you in the here and now
And if everlasting could be somehow
Then you’ve pioneered and as I blow away the dust
Your heart, in my hands, still beats

You can read more of Mrs Brown's Diary now! The story is currently up to Installment 19 . I am updating her blog every other day to coincide with the end of the dressing room display which is on show at Stoke Potteries Museum and Art Gallery until the 11th Sept.

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