Thursday, 25 August 2011

Bits and bobbins

Detail of my portrait of Noel Toy

I'm working on lots of projects at the moment; My portrait of Noel Toy (remember that?) had to be put on hold for almost 6 months while I focused on other work that took me out of the studio and in front of a computer. But now she is near completion. I am still working on her beautiful green tinted visage between other work and I hope to have the finished thing for you to see in the near future. I am currently looking for non clear shellac to finsih off the meatl leaf details on the painting. My regular brand is no longer in manufacture, if anyone knows where I can buy NON clear shellac from please get in touch!


I'm working on a small gift painting for someone who has really helped me out over my career as an artist. He is due to retire soon so I thought I'd do a special piece for him. He used to be in the Navy so I've designed a sailor tattoo style with the words 'Last Port' to symbolise his retirement. The work is only a third of the way through but I thought I'd show you where I'm up to:

The design first drawn out on tracing paper and put in place on the canvas

The background colour applied and the first layers of colour on the mermaids


I've been spending a lot of time applying for things and putting proposals together which can take a lot of time away from actual creating things hands on. I was trying to think of ways around this when I had a brainwave about embroidery. Yes, embroidery! Providing the piece is small enough, you can carry it around with you anywhere and it will be a great way of passing time in situations where I have a few minutes to spare.

My love of sailor tattoos came to mind as the defined black outlines would transfer beautifully to stitching and line work. I designed this image during another few minutes I had to spare, which I plan to get on embroidering tonight!

It's based on an image of Taiwanese fashion model Jeanine Chin Hsi. I made her rather piratical, and she will have applique hair and shirt before I'm through. I plan on doing some nautical patterns in the background and can't wait to get to grips with the black thread outlines!

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