Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My favourite time of day?.... time to get ready

Today I can share with you the first of what I'm aptly calling, The Dressing Table Gallery! This is an interactive project between myself and the ladies of the web, where participants send in snapshots of their dressing tables, and in turn reveal intimate portraits of their femininity.

This week it's Liz Parker (no relation, but who knows?) Liz is from Stockport in the UK and is also an artist. You can see Liz's blog Elizabeth Parker Illustration HERE

The thing I really love about these photos is that you can see an eclectic mix of items positioned around the mirror like a shrine. I also like the way Liz has added images of female icons including Barbarella and Jackie Kennedy. Is Liz like these women in any way? Does she use them as inspiration whilst getting ready in the morning? I love the mixture of keepsakes and bric a brac from obviously important moments of Liz's life, these photos definatley tell a story about a creative lady!

If you would like to send in a photo of your dressing table please email me at: gemma-parker@hotmail.co.uk


Elizabeth Parker said...
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Elizabeth Parker said...

Gemma that's lovely thanks :))
Hope my pictures help you with your work.