Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Heiner Meyer

'Gambling' 2007 Shellac and photo on canvas Heiner Meyer

I have been recently looking at work by the German artist Heiner Meyer. I got a calander featuring his art work as a present and it made me want to know more about him and his practice. Meyer began his artisitic career as assistant to Salvador Dali after studying Fine Arts at the college of Branschweig. He went on to define his own style combining painting with photography and it is this layered decorative quality which caught my imagination. He uses found images of famous glamorous icons from the 1950's through to contemporary stars, then modifies them with other representations of pop culture building up the layers of colour and shape.

I especially like the way he combines text with image and decoration giving the found photo a completely new meaning and understanding, while keeping it beautiful and enjoyable to look at. As I am currently painting a portrait of Noel Toy (see last post) I decided I'd like to employ some of Meyer's layered effect to the painting. I began by adding text to the image; which I have applied silver leaf to to add texture and lusciousness. I intend this painting to be in black and white in keeping with Noel's vintage status, so I'm still figuring out how I'll layer up the paint to reflect something of Meyer's tecnique. I'll fill you in as I go.

Silver leaf applied to my portrait of Noel Toy

Dressing Table Gallery

This week happens to be my favourite photo so far! This lovely snap was sent in my Eva Elliott from the UK.

Eva says, 'The pic at the top is of my mum and dad in the 70s, I found it a few months ago and I love it. I think it might be my favourite pic ever!'

I really like this simple photo as it captures the essence of someone whose life seems quite busy and full as seen by the amount of stuff she crams onto her dressing table. Yet the photo itself feels quiet and unassuming. It's a lovely contrast. I like the green drawers too, they give the photo it's unique quality.

You can see beautiful jewellery crafted by Eva on her Etsy page HERE

If you would like to get involved with the Dressing Table Gallery please send your photos to : gemma-parker@hotmail.co.uk

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RHCarpenter said...

I think she would enjoy the silver leaf you'd added to her portrait - a girl needs a bit of sparkle! I always like the combination of collage and photography and painting. I hope you can incorporate some of this technique and get what you want - but keep it your own :)