Monday, 29 March 2010

Dressing Table Gallery

This Monday's photo comes from Helen Davies, who lives just forty minutes up the road from me apparently! Helen has a photostream on Flickr, which explores her inspirations and day to day observations.

Helen says, 'This is my 'dressing table'. Actually I don't own a dressing table. I have the tops of drawers on which to balance precariously all manner of trinkets, books, 'things I'm in the middle of sorting out' and in amongst them somewhere my toiletries.'

I really enjoyed the fact that this photo appeared as part of her photo project 365, a photo for every day of the year, and she has carefully labeled each object giving you just a little more insight into her life. You can see her brilliant collection of photos HERE

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Miss High-Water said...

Hey Gemma!
Thanks for the shout-out :)
I am loving your blog, learned all sorts of intersting trivia and the like, many thanks for including me here.
Loving your ideas and your thoughts on life, love and sparklous glamourous :)