Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Women of the web, I need YOU!

Yes, that's right, I need your help to begin an new art project that will take place on this very blog! As you may know, I am a fine artist and I specialise in celebrating femininity. My favourite subjects include vintage styles, pin -ups, films and burlesque. Over time I've delved into many facets exploring the nature of femininity through showmanship and theatrics.

I now want to begin a new study into that very same subject, but on a level which most women adhere to. Ladies, I want your dressing tables!

Well, actually I want photos of your dressing tables: To a degree many women put on a level of 'show' by transforming their appearance from day to day. I am a huge fan of cosmetics, and costume, and I live by the mantra I inherited from Dita Von Teese, 'Never underestimate the power of artifice'!

I have a new series of paintings in mind where it is the apparell and belongings of the subject which tell the story. But in order to gain a good insight into how this might work I want to begin by looking at the starting point of many women's days, the makeup station. The place where the magic happens! Just think what clues a ladies dressing table may tell about her!

I don't want images of perfection, I want photos which show how you left your dressing table this morning, your hair brush, make up brushes, lotions and potions, nic nacs and gee-gaws!

I then intend to post your photos weekly on this blog and build up a collection of images which might say more about you than any portrait ever could! This could be a really fun interactive project and I would love for you to get involved!

If you would like to participate I need these things:

A good quality photo of your dressing table
( It's completely up to you how you photo it )

Your name
( you will be credited for you image )

Your country of residence

And your age (but that is not compulsory!)

If you have a blog or website please also send the link which I will post alongside your photo

Send all images and info to: gemma-parker@hotmail.co.uk

Please be aware your photo could be posted on my blog available to view by everyone on the web! If you are uncomfortable with this let me know. All photos will be part of research for my paintings so elements of them may appear in forthcoming art work.

One last thing: Thank you!

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Blonde and Red said...

Thank you so much for your comments Gemma, they mean so much! This is a great idea that you have and I will definitely try to send u a piccy of my dressing table! As for the photos of Marilyn, I have been collecting them for years! I have been a huge fan since i was 13 years old!

Have a great day!