Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Suzie Sequin caricature

Last month the super cute Suzie Sequin approached me about creating a caricature for her burlesque act. I was very excited as I knew that Miss Sequin had all the components I love to work with when drawing; long luxurious hair, red lips and kick ass costumes!

My business is all about celebrating femininty. I love to work with theatrical concepts and showy pieces. Suzie has a broad range of acts from the exotic red roses and love hearts she wears during classic routines right through to a Marilyn Monroe tribute act where Marilyn shows off more than just her love of diamonds!

Suzie wanted a caricature which combined both her classic burlesque and Marilyn inspired act. I began by thinking how the two characters could work in one image and I suddenly remembered the famous photo of Marilyn with Jane Russell used to promote Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

I liked this back to back idea with the girls both leaning outwards from eachother, giving them a fun over the shoulder pose which invites the viewer into the image. I then penciled out my idea for Suzie's picture. The most time consuming part was making sure I captured Suzie's essence in the caricatures features and form.

Once happy with the final look I outlined the piece in ink. I gave the work a slightly tattoo/showgirl feel which I felt suited the subject matter. This is burlesque after all and the key is variety!

To find out more about Suzie Sequin go to www.myspace.com/misssuziesequin

If you are interested in getting your own burlesque/glamour caricature designed especially for you or even as a gift for a loved one please contact me!

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RHCarpenter said...

How fun! Love how you came up with this one. All your work makes me smile and you're right - celebrating fems in all their incarnations!

Gemma Parker said...

Thanks so much!***