Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Standing next to my kitzch painting, Miss How Can I Help You?#1

Last week I attended the opening night for the Waterside Open Exhibition. I was blown away by the high standard of work and the sheer variety that appears in the galleries situated at the Waterside Arts Centre.

Walking in on the night filled me with different emotions. Firstly I was surprised by how busy the event was; the place was packed with artists and art lovers and the amount of work fills not only the main gallery but spills out into the foyer and through to a smaller gallery near the entrance.

It was eye opening to see my own work displayed next to other pieces that had no connection to it. I think I can't have been the only artist taking part who realised that they're not the only one hidden in a studio busily working away!

People can still vote for my work in the Visitors Choice Award. So if you are planning a gander, my work is situated in the gallery off to the right of the entrance!

Other news:

Yesterday I recieved a lovely attachment in my inbox. Just before Christmas I was interviewed for Freeq Magazine. Freeq takes a close look at happenings in the worlds of music, gigs, art, fashion and nightlife. Here is the artilce profiling me and my art work! Click on the image for a larger version.

The magazine is out in hard copy too and availbale to buy from the Freeq website. A big thank you to Martin Gutteridge-Hewitt for intervieiwng me and producing such a fab article!


BaronessVonVintage said...

congrats! I'm checking out that article now!

Tigz said...

Congrats on the article lovely!

Gemma Parker said...

Thanks you guys!***

Niall young said...

The article is good...you come across well. ..and to see your wonderful 'miss how can I help you' up on the wall is great.

Kay said...

I visited the Waterside exhibition today as I had a drawing accepted for it too. I really liked the variety of styles and approaches of work at this open. Your painting is pretty eyecatching. Good luck with future shows.