Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Ups downs and diagonals

I am currently in a glass case of emotion as Anchor Man would say. On one hand I am being made redundant from my gallery job as the said gallery is to be closed next month to become, wait for it... a football museum.
I don't mind football, I just don't think the world needs another football themed venue in a city that already boasts two massive football clubs with their own museums and days out for the kids.

Manchester always claims to be a hive of culture and creativity yet the actual art scene is quite small in comparison to other cities such as Liverpool. It seems such a waste to take away a centre that encouraged local talent and public involvment in the arts.

On the other hand I am quite enjoying January so far! I suppose it's the contrast of the loss of job and cultural venue that makes me so pleased to be involved in the art scene through my own work.

Last week saw the private view of Through the Looking Glass; The Past 10 Years of Comme Ca Art, at the Lowry Hotel. I was one of the artists showing work and was really impressed by the overall quality and standard of work by Northwest artists.

Me standing by my nautical 'All at Sea' art work at Comme Ca's private view

The exhibition is on until 2nd March and is well worth the visit; displayed in the lush bar area of the Hotel, the work includes vivid paintings to make you think and memorable images that are just enjoyable to look at!

Myself and my good friend Joanna had a fun time smoozing and taking in the work on the opening night, we particualalry liked the art work by Vincent James for his unusual mixture of subject matter and his use of vinyl as outline.

Cactus Spiralicus by Vincent James. Image taken from www.commecaart.com

I am at another private view this week, the Waterside Open 2010 at Waterside's Art Centre. I'm happy to be one of the artists put through to exhibit.

My painting
Miss How Can I Help You? #1 will be on show until 1st May. The opening night begins at 7.30pm, so if you are attending I'll see you there!

Joanna and myself at Comme Ca's opeing night feeling nautical

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Niall young said...

So sorry I've not called by recently.How annoying! A football museum..yeuch!Art is already underfunded and represented...we need more galleries! It's great seeing your work here up on display...you look so happy, and you should.