Thursday, 23 September 2010

The horror oh the Horror!

This blog is random if nothing else, and true to form today I am letting everyone know I am taking part in the AND (Abandon Normal Devices) Festival next month. My role will be in conjunction with the Cornerhouse, that benchmark of high brow art and one of Manchester's most revered art establishments. So it should come as no suprise that I will be go-go dancing behind a US drag queen while dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein for a floor show to end all floor shows!

Take cover everyone, Peaches Christ is coming to town!

For any of you unfamiliar with Miss Christ she is the brains (ewww brains) behind Midnight Mass, a cinema experience that lets the audience get that step closer to what they see on the screen, namely trash horror and B movies. Think Elvira, Showgirls and Teen Witch, but don't be lulled into a false sense of security, the driving force here is gore and low brow entertainment.

This will be my first burlesque style performance outside of my double act The Chantilly Belles, and I'm really thrilled to add it to my performance resume which includes collaborations with The Lowry, Urbis and the Whitworth Art Gallery.

The event will run for two nights 2nd and 3rd Oct in the Cornerhouse's larger cinema and will be the UK premiere of the Midnight Mass event. But that's not all, Peaches has produced her own flick,
All About Evil, inspired by her love of high camp horror which will be aired for the first time in the UK and will be accompanied by the floorshow.

So what should you expect? Well if you are after a quiet night and a cosy film don't come along. The night will be hosted by Peaches Christ and audience members are encouraged to dress up; monsters, drag queens and vintage glamour with a twisted edge. (Junk in Manchester's Northern Quarter will be running Gore Couture workshops this weekend to help you create your own costumes and designs.)

There will be music and singing and dancing
(cue me and 7 other B movie monsters doing our thing) and of course the film itself, what more could you want!
I am excited to be taking part in this big arty event but also just a little bit, a little little bit freaked out! I guess that's the first step to fitting right in...

Midnight Mass at the Cornerhouse
70 Oxford St


Tickets £15/12.50 concs

2nd/3rd Oct 10.30pm

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Gemma Parker said...

This event will only run on Saturday 2nd Oct now and promises to be an amazing night!