Monday, 4 October 2010

Peaches is not the only fruit!

An angry mob surrounded us, all I could hear was shouting and yelling. Horns sounded from the passing traffic, encouraging bitter rage as placards were lifted to the skies. Sirens could be heard approaching and the flashing lights of riot vans added to the mass confusion...

...Welcome to the UK premiere of Midnight Mass!

While all this chaos was happening I was gleefully peeking through the blinds of the changing room joined by several of my fellow monsters. We were holed up inside the cinema at the Cornerhouse as the audience began to queue outside our window. The punters looked both amused and bemused as they were surrounded by a crowd of rampant librarians holding a (mock) protest against their vile representation in Peaches Christ's comdey gore film All About Evil.

I was in good company, Camp Dragula, Cleavage the Killer Clown and a lovelorn sea creature called Two Tonne Tess Tickle. There was also a very enthusiastic zombie a beautiful Hammer Horror vampiress the mendez goat and me The Bride! We were all there to perform with the queen of trash horror Peaches Christ. After a couple of rehearsals I'm pretty proud to say as B movie monsters we totally rocked the dance to Gore Gore Girls.

As the audience was finally admitted, it was time for some last minute touches to the already immaculate Peaches. The changing room got more packed as we were joined by two sets of murderous 'twins'; The brilliant dancers from Ultra Violet Violence who accompanied both live performances with their sexy usherette moves and the actual actresses who played them in the film Jade and Nikita Ramsey!

A hush finally decended upon the now seated crowd, helped of course by the annoyed shushes of the librarians who had managed to plant themselves about the theatre. Peaches Christ strutted her eight foot stuff down the aisle flanked by her villainous usherettes and we began our monster parade to the stage.

We are Gore Gore girls!
image source: AND Festival

What followed was two hours of gore, camp and carnage as live action mixed with cinema to create a 4D movie experience not to be forgotten. I loved every second of playing Elsa Manchester the Mancunian Bride of Frankenstein and dancing in front of a half horrified crowd most of who had taken the effort to dress up too!

After our fabulous performance it was the audience's turn to show off what they had as a Gore Couture fashion show took place on stage and Peaches effortlessly moved things along with a commanding charm. The librarians unable to hold back any longer bum rushed the stage and what follwed will be forever be ingrained in my brain. There was lap dancing (after taking my seat I was lucky enough to be treated to three lap dances!), singing lots of blood and as an reaction to that even some vomit, what more could you ask for?

The film All About Evil is splendidly gruesome and I sat through a lot of it peering between my fingers and squirming uncomfortabley, but also giggling and cheering especially when there was a really impressive fountain of blood. What happened to me? It must be the Peaches Effect, making it ok to enjoy a good splatter now and then.

Photo by Adrain Ade Lee

I am thrilled to have been involved and to have met some of the nicest fellow freaks (no offence) you could ever find! Thank you to Bren O Callaghan for being the most lovely producer and also stepping in as a last minute monster! And thank you to Peaches Christ for showing us the blood splattered way.

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