Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Crime scene #2

My second attempt at going all Sherlock Holmes and reading a dressing table like a crime scene courtesy of dressing table owner Alison Jane Craddock:

Loves experimenting with looks. Has to try out the latest beauty product/gimmick. Gets easily bored. Enjoys theatrics. Is quite a girly girl when it comes to relationships though you wouldn't think it to meet her. Has a Roman Catholic background and has strong bond with her grandparents. Used to wear glasses but now wears contacts. Always looking for the next big thing, a dreamer. Has set ideals for life but reality sometimes gets in the way.

Here's how I did:

'Hi Gemma , very very close :) I do have church back ground (Cof E), but currently work at a Catholic school and have really got into the Catholic art and imagery. Especially how Mary is portrayed in art.
Family is very important to me as I come from a very large family on my Dad's side . I'm one of 16 Grandchildren and my Grandparents have now been married for 66 years . At family parties my Nannie always sings 'The way we were ' to my Grandad , who without fail when she sing the lines
'If we had the chance to do it all again tell me would we? Could we?'
Starts crys and shouts we would Nelly we would :)
I'm very much a girly girl in relationships which I think comes as a shock to men once they get to know me .
Always experiment with my looks, much to the excitment of the teenagers I teach .
So yes very close xxx'

Not quite as good as my first outing into detective mode, but I feel quite impressed all the same. and how cool does Nelly sound!?

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