Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Viva the pin-up!

Image taken from Nautical but nice at myspace.com/nauticalbutnice

During my recent travels through the internet looking at all things naval, nautical and tattoo themed I've happened upon a couple of saucy little numbers I'd like to share with you:

Firstly Viva Van Story, a website of girlie photography by Miss Van Story, a genius with an eye for the pin-up style. Her models include Masumi Max and Jamie Deadly and the timless images she creates range from 'smouldering seduction to coquettish playfulness'.
I love her work as it embodies the classic retro pin-up with a kinky twist. Many of her models have tattoos and a penchant for latex, but none of the images are gratuitous.

Image taken from vivaspinups.com

My second offering is the website that is 'Nautical but Nice the premier purveyor of the nautical and aeronautical pin-up'
I stumbled upon this when looking up nose art on world war two bombers (a distant cousin of vintage sailor pin-up art) What can I say? A website dedicated to sexy maritime pin-up style photos. The girls pose on 40's bomber style planes and mid century yachts and sailing ships in a range of cute nautical accessories. A full five stars from me!

My own designs for my series of nautical pin-ups based on sailor style tattoos is going well, but I have to admit to making things difficult for myself by over complicating the images. I am over thinking them. I guess it's because I'm used to spending hours at a time painting a single image instead of simply drawing. I'll keep you posted as how things go...

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