Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Day in the Studio: Pre Raphaelite project continued!

Last week I finally got back in my studio after a two month unplanned break. It felt so good to be back and it was like the studio felt the same way as sunlight flooded through my window and made everything look just that little bit more wonderful!

I began the day by popping along to Fred Aldous, one of my favourite shops in Manchester! It is a bit pricey but is a wonderful emporium for art and craft materials. While there I indulged in a mini haul of goodies; New paint brushes, some coloured paper and a canvas board. 

I bought a pack of brushes rather than individual ones as I think they are just as good and a lot less expensive, and if I do ever need a specific brush I can always go and get it separately.

The coloured paper is for a chalk study I plan to do for a painting of Grace Oni Smith, the brilliant model I have been working with to investigate and celebrate transgender femininity. As you might remember we have been working towards creating art work for this project in the PreRaphaelite style. Grace is the perfect muse and a fascinating person. (You can read more about her in this interview I did with her last year)

I worked on a separate chalk study from a photo shoot we did a few weeks ago. This shoot was a major part of the work we've been doing together in that it brought together many elements from over the past months; Make up trials, colour and style investigations and different parts of Grace's personal story. I will write more about the shoot in my next art work post and put some pictures up!

While at the studio I also blocked in the canvas board I'd bought with layers of deep blue/green. This is for an experiment I'm working on as part of the project and I'll also write more about this as I get further along with it and added more stages.

I really enjoyed my day at the studio and I'm excited to get to continue my project. Hope you'll join me next time to find out more


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