Friday, 27 April 2012


 Fiona, acrylic on canvas 2012

Here's Fiona's portrait commission all finished. It was a real pleasure to paint. I really enjoy painting hair and as you can see Fiona's hair is very abundant in this picture! I completed this piece a few weeks ago and now I have a special 'Commission me' section on my website. There you'll find how easy it is to commission me for your own portrait or original art work with each stage broken down to explain the process. Whether it be as a gift for a loved one or an indulgence for yourself just get in touch to chat about ideas and we can take it from there.

Click on my 'Commission me' link HERE to find out more.

Here's some examples of other commissions I have worked on, in most cases I work from a few photos to capture the subject. Other times the image is mocked up by myself and approved by the client. To see more of my work visit my website HERE:

I was so impressed with Gemma's work that I asked her to commission a painting for me. I honestly didn't think that I would be so amazed by the finished product; it exceeded all of my expectations. Gemma is a true credit to her profession, and my painting takes pride of place in my bedroom.

Miss Chambers 

Your art is mesmerising and brings characters and features to life and each piece has it's own unique story to tell. My portrait still has pride of place in my house. Big fan of your work, it's fabulous.


Just wanted to say what an amazing portrait! I love love love it! You have captured the essence of me beautifully and your talents are second to none. Every woman should have a painting by you hanging on her wall! Thank you so very much.

Rene La Rouge 

I had never commissioned a painting before, but any fears were soon allayed by Gemma's enthusiasm and willingness to help me through the process. The result was a beautiful picture that each day brings a smile to my face.


Gemma Parker is a truly talented young lady. I was fortunate enough to be part of a project Gemma was undertaking and I had my portrait painted and it is literally a work of art!

Scarlet Fever

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