Monday, 2 April 2012

Beatrix Von Bourbon to win Britain's Got talent!

I just want to say a huge congratulations to my favourite UK burlesque performer Beatrix Von Bourbon for passing the auditions of Britain's Got Talent this weekend! I am so excited for her!

Beatrix modelled for me a few years ago and was a brilliant subject to paint. Sexy, evocative and a real show woman, she was enthusiastic and very sweet. I still think how great it was of her to pose in not one but three different outfits for me as I clicked away with my camera. 

Beauty Marked modelled by Beatrix Von Bourbon

She also appeared in my Bon Bon's series, all be it anonymously. Her peachy bottom still is one of my most popular  pieces to date!

After Eight:  Model Beatrix Von Bourbon

I find it wonderfully refreshing to see someone on TV who is not only really and truly talented, but someone who also represents an alternative to the cookie cut examples of beauty we are beginning to think of as the norm. In an age where the standard of female attractiveness is judged by what shade of orange you are and where you had your boob job done, it is a breath of fresh air to watch Von Bourbon perform. Her brand of beauty is so stunning because she is unusual. As always you get my vote Beatrix!

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Niall young said...

Couldn't agree more...Beatrix is the best Burlesque performer I've seen! I'll always remember the version of Tooth Fairy she performed here in Derby..! You paintings are lovely and how lucky to have her participation iin modeling for you!