Thursday, 22 September 2011

Experiments in thread continued

 Working out the mix of colours to use on Scarlett's cheeks and eyes

I started my second embroidery experiment last week and already I can see it's more sophisticated then the first one. Taking inspiration from the pillow lipped Scarlett Johansson, I wanted to create something very kitsch with a tattoo like feel. But the more I've worked on it the more complicated it's become with layers of fabric making up the overall image. I'm quite pleased with it so far though.

Again I've used interfacing to bond layers of material for blocks of colour and acyrlic to paint in the areas I want to give a cosmetic look .

There haven't been as many mistakes and unpicking to be done, but I can see areas I'd do differently next time. It's definately a learning process, but a really fun one. I'm really enjoying doing these pieces and already have ideas for the next one!

Still needs the outline stitiching and some embellishments

Other news:

I finished the 'Last Port' painting last week, but wasn't very sure about it. I'm used to doing more complex 'realistic' paintings with acrylic, so when I finished this one I was underwhelmed at first. I used indian ink to outline the images and text which is something I've never used before on canvas. It gives a beautiful slick shiny black line but to my horror comes off if paint is applied over it. I'm going to see if fixative will fix this problem (any ideas?).

Detail of one of the mermaids as I was outlining. 
I quite like the pastel effect this work had without black outlines.

I might do a bit more to the background but otherwise it's finshed

Despite my initial feelings I'm actually growing to like this piece and as it is a gift for someone I really hope they like it too!

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