Saturday, 3 July 2010

What a tease!

I've just finished reading the burlesque bonkbuster that is 'Tease' written by Immodesty Blaize. Channeling the genius of the original queen of sleaze Jacqueline Susann and the Hollwood scandal of Jackie Collins, Miss Blaize takes the reader on a journey through the fabulous world of the showgirl.

Being a showgirl herself, Immodesty Blaize has written a book that transports the reader onto the stage allowing you to experience for yourself the adreneline of being backstage and then performing before an live audience.

Feathers and rhinestones don't begin to describe the high levels of glamour and attention to stylish detail, from mechanical rearing panthers to giant sparkling birdcages, the book really paints a fullsome picture of the life of an international burlesque star.

Blaize also has a passion for detailing gorgeous haute couture, cosmetics and vintage outfits so this is definatley a book women will enjoy. In fact it strikes me that this book firmly puts the current craze for burlesque in the girls court; the majority of modern audiences being made up of women, it explains our fascination with the glamorous clothes, make-up and sheer sexuality of burlesque, mixed with the classic soap opera story of betrayal and secrets found in only the best bonkbuster!

The story itself is pretty predictable but the enjoyment of immersing yourself in sheer decadence for 429 pages makes the ride well worthwhile!

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