Sunday, 27 June 2010

The rumours were true!

My blog wouldn't be complete if I didn't mention my all time pop idol Kylie. She is a creative genius years ahead of the Beyonce's and Gaga's of this world. Her dedication to glamour and showmanship have inspired both me and my art work. I just love a showgirl!

The divine Minogue brought a huge smile to my face this weekend; On Friday she appeared on Jonathan Ross' talk show and really brought the party when she performed her new single All The Lovers. Ever the entertainer, Kylie seemed to come to life when she got up to sing and obviously made Ross' night by sitting on his knee and serenading him.

Then she confirmed the Glastonbury rumours by making a suprise appearance with the Sissor Sisters when they performed their new single Any Which Way at the legendary festival yesterday. This was Kylie's first Glasto gig after she had to pull out of the 2005 gig due to breast cancer and she didn't stint on doing things with style.

As she strutted on to stage the crowd roared excitment and approval, and she dazzled for the three or so minutes she sang. Complete with kitzch dance moves and a killer outfit (not to mention killer boots!), Kylie put all the welly wearers and mud slingers to shame as only a true professional can!

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