Monday, 7 September 2009

Seaside trips, mysteries and spooks!

Hi guys!
Apologies for not posting anything last week, I was on a fabulous holiday in Broadstairs in Kent! Sunshine, seaside and lots of exploring and fun.

Now I find myself back in rainy Manchester working nonstop at several jobs (part time and casual) whilst pulling my exhibition of nautical artwork together for October, to be shown in Taurus in Manchester's Gay Village. Due to this overload of projects my posts may be sporadic in the coming weeks.

But in an attempt to recapture some of the seaside magic here's some of the things that inspired and uplifted me on my hols!:

Shell Grotto

This awe inspiring landmark resides in Margate in Kent. No-one knows why the Shell Grotto was built or even when!
The legend goes that in 1835 a duck pond was being dug for farmland, the earth collapsed to reveal a hole in the ground. The farmer lowered his son down the hole to find out what it was. The son returned with tales of underground tunnels decorated from floor to ceiling in shells!

There are definately symbolic patterns within the shells and the altar room has many suns and moons amongst the shells.
It is a magical mysterious place and well worth the visit!

The Sea

We spent many an hour roaming the beach searching for shells to customise my nautical paintings' frames. Along with the winkles and limpets we found clams, whelks and a few mussels too. The rockpools were the most fun, where you can gaze into mini eco systems full of different seaweeds crabs and shellfish!

I loved being near the sea! It is so full of character, ever moving and changing. The sound of the waves was both exhilerating and very calming. There is nothing quite like running into the sea and feeling the sand shift under your feet!

The sea by moonlight

Canterbury Cathedral

This amazing place is something of a love of mine. Nearly a 1000 years old Canterbury Cathedral is again a magical site and much has happened here over its long history. It was also the focal point of the travellers from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

I enjoy the enormity of the place, and the full rich atmosphere it exudes. There is so much to see including the tomb of the Black Prince complete with his original armour, the spot where Archbishop Thomas Becket in 1170 was murdered (a candle burns continuoulsy on the spot he was killed) not to leave out the'Ghost in the Wall' in the crypt! I love love love it!

A naked lady is hidden in the stone work of the Cathedral Precinct gate, can you spot her?

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Bug said...

Glad you had a great time - pics are amazing. Don't work too hard :)