Saturday, 19 September 2009

Are you ready to Buy Art Fair?

Peppermint Pattie 2008 acrylic on canvas 30cm x 30cm

I will be taking part in Manchester's hugely successful Buy Art Fair next week! With more than 80 galleries showing the work of over 370 artists all available to buy.

In addition the fair offers a whole host of FREE activities for experienced and novice art collectors to enjoy!

I will be situated on the second floor as part of the Urbis Creatives stall, this will be a fab opportunity for you to come along and see my work up close and maybe treat yourself to a little decadence!

About my work on sale:
Bon Bons is a series of decadent derrières encased in the finest of wrappings.
Playfully using the French slang which describes the area between the waist and thighs, this work sees a selection of peachy behinds all themed on sweeties and chocolates.
Each painting is enhanced by ice cream colours and sugary titles, and with the range including strawberry fondants to jellybeans, there should be a flavour to tempt anyone's taste buds.

This has been a really successful series and there are only a limited number of Bon Bons left to buy!

Other news:

It's been busy busy busy recently as the deadline for my exhibition of nautical tattoo inspired paitnings draws nearer! The show of select watercolours and acylics will go on show on the 1st Oct at Taurus in Manchester's Gay Village. I'm getting all the bits and pieces finalised at the mo, and even wondering whether I have time to do an extra painting before the show! I've had a new idea for one! BTW the show is to be called 'All at Sea'.

Also I will be showing work at Urbis form the 29th Sept to the 12th Oct. This will as part of a collective exhibition by Urbis Creatives called 'Show and Tell' More info to follow!

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Niall young said...

Hope all goes well for the Manchester fayre..I love your Bon Bon work !Don't forget to take some photos of the fayre and let us see....