Wednesday, 26 November 2008

New Chantilly Belles cartoon

As The Chantilly Belles are performing our new act this weekend I thought I'd do a new cartoon for us. Our new act is called, 'Never Outfox the Fox' and involves a naughty thieving fox and a blustering egotistical hunter.
I began by drawing out a rough sketch of how I'd like the new cartoon to look based on some of our moves from the act.

I then drew out each character seperately and outlined them in ink.

However since drawing this out I've changed my fox's costume a bit and now have a black undone bow tie instead of what was going to be a red cravat. I had to unpick all the sparkles I'd carefully stitched onto the cravat and re-sew them onto the bow tie. The costume now looks more like this;

I then scanned both pictures into Photoshop and layered them together to form the desired cartoon.

It was then just a case of filling the line drawings with colour and choosing a background as you can see above!
If anyone is going to The Silk Stocking in Birmingham this Saturday they'll get to see this fun new act in the flesh Hope you can make it!

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Shane said...

Hello Belles,

One of you left a query about using some of the review at the URL below on your MySpace page. Response: absolutely, go ahead, I would be gladdened of heart.

It might be useful to you, to drop an email address into your Blogger profile - for Gemma or for The Chantilly Belles - just in case anyone wants to make contact re artwork, or the Belles.

Wishing both Belles well.