Saturday, 15 November 2008

Christina's new look?

It's one of my guilty pleasures to watch the ever changing faces and re-invention of female pop stars. So does anyone else think Christina Aguilera's new look is a bit of a let down?

After seeing her cheesecake it up as a Fifties sailor, an Andrew's Sisters style trio and an army pin-up for Candyman, I was looking forward to finding out what her new look would be for her new single.
So I was disappointed to see her in a Sixties go go dress with all the trimmings in her video 'Keeps Getting Better'.

It's not that she doesn't look good, it just seems a bit lazy and predictable plundering from one decade to the next especially when she claimed to have planned every move of her career for the next ten years! I can't help wondering if her next grand plan will involve a Seventies style Foxy Brown outfit with big gold earrings and hot pants.
I find this kind of packaging of female beauty fascinating and Christina is one of the best at giving us a show for our money, I just felt a bit short changed this time.

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