Friday, 12 January 2018

The Hidden Pin Up #14 - Bet You're a Tiger In The Sack/ Can I Touch Your Hair?


How many of you have heard these before? It seems saying inappropriate things to women of colour is a common occurrence. I'd love to hear if you have ever had similar said to you to add to the Hidden Pin Up project. As you can see stories are transcribed in thread onto hessian feathers. The feathers make up a pair of burlesque fans which will be danced with by Manchester's House Of Ghetto, an all black female dance troupe for a performance exploring the history of the black Pin Up and the racial stereotypes and fetishisations which still exist to this day!

Here's the latest response to the call out. Tell me what you think and share your stories! You can comment anonymously on this post or contact me on my facebook page: 

...a guy in a bar in Southport drunkenly staring (swaying) finally coming over to tell me “you’re pretty for a black girl”. 

Another was in Uni, a guy I was getting a little friendly with stopped what we were doing to say “this is weird, I’ve never slept with a black girl before”...

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