Friday, 12 December 2014

Being on the radio

So last night I appeared on the Alison Butterworth late night radio show on BBC Radio Lancashire to talk tattoos for my project The Tattooed Lady. It was a great experience; I met Laura another guest and tattoo fan who has roses and cupcakes decorating her skin, and had a real knowledge on contemporary body modification thanks to her job as a professional body piercer.

The show also featured some fantastic callers who rang in to discuss their tattoos. There was Pete, the man who you don't know whether to speak to or read, so covered is he in body art, who got his first tattoo in his 20's and is now hooked. Then there was Paul who was proud of his tattoos and after suffering a bad house fire was considering getting some flames tattooed to commemorate getting through the ordeal.

We covered everything from when is the right age to get your first tattoo through to fads and fashions which dictate tattoo styles, we talked cover ups and bad decisions not to mention wrinkley tattoos of the older generation. It was all fascinating and so great to hear real people share their opinions and personal stories about the controversial art form. Oh, and I got to read the weather! It was all pretty cool!

I have to say a big thank you to presenter Alison and producer Helen for being so welcoming and helpful and making the whole experience fun and interesting.

Remember, you can still get in touch with your ex love tattoo tales to take part in the work I'm doing for HOME in the Spring. Just add your picture to the facebook page The Tattooed Lady: Tales of Love and Regret with a description. Or if you'd like to stay anonymous you can post your story on my website in secret using the form provided. If your tattoo is an outdated declaration of love, be that for man or beast, film star or football team, whatever your past passion, I want to hear from you!

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