Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Tips on how to write a press release

Hello hello! It's a lovely sunny day and the bright skies are making me feel all inspired!
Today I am writing the press release for my upcoming work to be shown at the Cornerhouse next month. Anyone who has ever written one of these will know it's not as straight forward as you may think. 

So here are my top five tips that you won't always find on 'how to' websites. I hope these help you if you ever want to promote an upcoming event or exhibition. (this applies to all subjects not just art)

1. Check the newsworthiness of your story.
You may be sending your press release out to blogs, newspapers or mailing lists, but in all instances a subject matter that has interest and will catch the imagination of the public will always be preferable. So think about your target audience and try to keep the 'golden thread' pulled tight throughout your press release.

Imagine you're a busy journalist, and you have hundreds of press releases to go through every week. You are going to use the ones that are easy to read, concise, detailed and basically ready for print. Make the journalists job easier:
  • Always write from their perspective (unless you are quoting someone).
  • Use a clear font
  • Keep it short (no more than two pages).
3. Proof read, then get someone else to proof read, then proof read again!
Sometimes simple errors in grammar can let a whole piece down and ruin your chances of it being used.

4. Good photos mean a better chance of being printed.
So spend time to get a good high resolution image that doesn't need any adjustments and relates exactly to your written material.
5. Research who to send your press release to
Don't send it to everyone at a publication send it to the most relevant person. If in doubt, contact the publicatiopn and ask. Also:
  • Send your press release in the morning
  • Never send at the weekend
 Writing this has reminded me of so many things I need to do in my own press release, so I better get on! Updates of my work to come soon :)


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