Friday, 14 October 2011

This week I have been mostly...

...sitting in front of a computer trying to make sense of it all!

I do have something to show for it though; I now have a Facebook Page dedicated to my art work and creative adventures, so as well as my checking in here for an in depth look at what is going on in my world, my facebook page will be a good place for up to the minute pictures and links to events.

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Other news:

I was recently asked by the very talented and productive writer Nonita, to submit any stories I had about burlesque mishaps, or to put it bluntly stories about 'when burlesque goes wrong!' She has since put a post together about these mishaps and they make for great reading. If anything they prove that behind the glitter and feather fans there are a whole host of danger zones the burlesque performer must negotiate. Read and enjoy; Burlesque Mishaps, when things don't go according to plan


The beginning of the week saw me handing over my nautical inspired retirment gift to a former Naval seaman. This sailor tattoo themed work celebrated his naval links in a tradtional style and I think he was quite pleased!

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