Friday, 3 June 2011


Something I've been wanting to share for weeks now has been an article I found in Stylist Magazine last month about the launch of Diesel's new Denim Collection Fragrance. 

To celebrate the fragrance the brand has launched three exclusive illustrations of iconic denim wearers including James Dean, Kate Moss and that epitomy of glamour, Marilyn Monroe! But try as I might I have had the worst luck finding examples of these illustrations. (If anyone has info please forward it to me!)

There is absolutely nothing I can find on the internet about this new art work, and I am really intrigued to find out the story behind the reimagining of one of the worlds most recognised women; a master of creating herself into an idol, how would you, or could you attempt to update Marilyn?

Well the answer is if it's not broke, don't fix it. As you can see in the picture (the one and only availabe to me) Marilyn stays sexy and oozing glamour. It's a captivating image of her as we've never seen her before, laid back, grungey almost. Modern yet timeless.

The mixture of her signiture hair and makeup mixed with the 'not really trying' t.shirt and jeans gives a look of high fashion. Plus I can't help feeling that seeing her in modern garb, as it were, helps to cement the idea that Marilyn was a real woman and a young person in her own right, more than just the vintage ideal we are used to. In all I think this is a very clever way of selling a brand but also a sucessful portrait. If you care to look beyond the consumerism there is a whole new facet to Marilyn exposed here. It proves just how influential appearances are in a simple and provoking image. I wish I'd thought of it!

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