Monday, 31 January 2011

The People You're Not private view!

Standing next to my work 'The Wedding Supper or Till Decree Nisi do we Part'

Last Friday saw the result of weeks of hard work, going slightly crazy and mass sleep deprivation. It was the private view for the exhibition The People You're Not! A chance to see the proposed ideas of three very different artists realised by other artists. My work was part of Harry Hill's proposed idea; To recreate George Cruikshank's The Worship of Bacchus Using Known Alchoholics.

I was extra chuffed that all the artists involved got to take part in a special participant's meal before the VIP launch. So after stuffing our faces and making small talk about chick peas we filed into the gallery to be greeted with our first views of the finished show.

I was so impressed to see all our illustrations made as if by magic (and a bit of manic cutting and gluing by Bren O Callaghan the project producer) into the 3D toy theatres that now stand on their plinths. 

Everyone's work looks absolutley brilliant, there is such a diversity of styles and themes that I couldn't choose a favourite, but was bowled over by each of them. There are zombie literary icons frolicking among the tombstones of sobriety, headless boozers living it up next to their plinthed heads and a toga party full of reprobates not to mention a chinese restaurant I don't think I'll be visiting any time soon!

Shane McGowan Bender and Kerry Katona raise a glass to the happy couple

My own work is the pantomine themed Wedding Supper (or Til Decree Nisi do we Part), a romance without any of the romance. My characters stand around getting slaughtered amongst the dirty laundry of Window Twanky's laundrettte, toasting the unpleasant bride and groom while the press happily snap away at them.

Tommy Cooper pours gin on his cereal (not made up, he actually did this!) While Dame Elton John looks on the bride and groom with motherly pride 
The event was publicised earlier that day in the Manchester Evening News too which was great!
The exhibition runs until the 27th February at the Cornerhouse and is an accessable fun show that can be enjoyed by anyone with a passing interest in celebrity culture and of course... booze!
The People You're Not
70 Oxford Rd
Gallery opening times:
Mondays : Closed
Tuesday – Saturday : 12:00 - 20:00
Sunday : 12:00 - 18:00

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