Monday, 5 April 2010

Dressing Table Gallery

Two sneaky peeks into the private world of some lovely ladies today, and in this case both snaps have been taken by UK burlesque performers!

Firstly we have Heather Sweet, a unique and curvacious performer with a wonderful sense of humour. You can see her myspace page HERE

I like this busy photo, the girly colours and styles that contrast with the monster picture on the wall behind, I also like the hint of the room reflected in the mirror. Her dressing table is very sweet, just like her name, with glass accessories and a white tiered basket. for nick nacks. You can also see a sewing machine in the corner, the tell tale sign that the burlesque life isn't always full of glamour, a girl needs to adjust and sew her own costumes sometimes too!

The second photo was taken by Jubilee Swoon. When she's not appearing as a rampaging viking or a glamorous butterfly, this burlesque performer, obviously likes to spend a good amount of time by her dressing table

It seems like a normal photo to begin with, but on closer inspection we can glean a lot about Jubilee; aside from the usual make up and hair products we see, organised chaos! neat piles of objects, ordered in boxes and files. Every space is used for storage, I doubt she ever sits on that stool!

I'm sure she applies the same effort of organistion in her contrastingly flamboyant acts!

You can see see more of Jubilee on her myspace page, HERE
Or read her burlesque blog HERE

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