Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Why Kylie is an inspiration...

Every now and then I like to post something about an artist I find inspiring or thought provoking, whether that be a burlesque performer or a fellow artist, and after spending a weekend celebrating all that is Minogue I thought, HECK! Why have I never explained my deep appreciation of Kylie?? So here is a breif look at what, for me, makes Kylie Minogue an artist in her own right!

"I delight in being a woman with all it's contradtictions. It's the only way to truely be myself"

Over the years Kylie has taken on many incarnations, and she is a true fan of recreating the female image through showmanship, something I find close to my own heart and I try to convey in my work! Her philosophy is also true of many women, who enjoy the freedom that tranformation gives them.

Inspired by Judy Garland

Playing with extreme looks for the X album

Kylie takes some time out sans make up

Classic Kylie

Kylie is very aware of the impact her changes in style have not only on herself but also on how her audience percieve her. This is best illustrated in her video for Did It Again, where she takes on various personas all of which show us a different side to the Kylie myth.

I think it's Kylie's stage shows which really do it for me, as a lover and performer of burlesque I can see parallels in the creativity that goes into each production. They are sheer artisty involving months of preparation and thought. Her various collabarations with fashion designers and artists also blend to create a full theatrical experience which are hard to surpass:

Even now as she tours the USA she is wowing the fans with out of this world costumes and sets, and has even been asked to take on a residency at Vegas, so suited is her stage show.

Kylie is constantly taking inspiration from fashion, arts and contemporary culture, over the years she has collaborated with Baz Lurmann, Pierre and Giles, Calvin Harris, Nick Cave, Rankin and even her own fans, as can be seen here in a video created by superfan, Rudolph, the winner of a competition held by Kylie.com

There's been various times when I've felt a bit lost and needed to reconnect with my love of feminine allure to get to the heart of what drives my art work, and every time Kylie is there for me, inspiring me and exciting me. She completley personifies the many faceted female personality that exudes glamour, fun, mystery and sensuality, and it's her fascination and drive with feminine creativity which mirrors my own. I love Kylie!


Niall young said...

I've always loved Kylie since her days on Neighbours in the 1980'S!!!! Here's my drawing of her....C:\Users\niall\Pictures\Nialls stuff\niall pictures\P3210022.JPG

Gemma Parker said...

Thanks Niall, I can't see your picture though! Please can you post it again?