Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New year, big plans and giggles

A happy new year to you! Well, I fullfilled my goal to eat as much chocolate as physically possible over Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed every second! It just feels like the festive season has flown by so fast this time, well nevermind as I have big plans for 2009 which I hope you will learn about through this blog when and as they happen. In the meantime here's quick update on recent happenings:

Myself and Kirsten at the private view in Sunderland in front of one of my paintings

I've now uploaded the images and information from my burlesque art residency in Sunderland onto my website which you can see HERE
It's good to see all the final images together and read all about them, it was a fun project to work on and it gave me a good oppertunity to learn about Sunderland as well as many other things, take a look!

The Chantilly Belles are revving up for the new year and last Saturday myself and Rene la Rouge went into Manchester to buy some provisions to customise some new stage attire. We're planning on making up said attire this Saturday so hopefully I should have some pictures for you next week! We are also developing our new act which is going under the working title of 'Boogie Burl' but this might change. All I can say is get ready for more cheeky fun, but make sure you're not of a weak disposisition as this act might put the willies up you!

Until next week here's a little video which has nothing to do with burlesque or pin-up but does make me giggle! No-one will ever top the madcap genuis of Sesame Street!

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