Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Private View tomorrow!

I'm off to Sunderland again tomorrow for the private view of the exhibition in Sunniside marking the end of my burlesque art residency. Here's a little bit about the show!

Gemma along with others have created overblown burlesque characters taking inspiration from the 1861 census to bring some of Sunnisde's rich history back to life

Directed by Gemma and working with Art-wave, local artists and Sunderland University students the project 'What do you think you're looking at... The Sunniside of burlesque' is a collaborative work designed to highlight one of Sunderland's most overlooked areas currently undergoing a major redevelopment including the building of multi million pound art venue The Place.

A saucy dressmaker with a dark secret (that's me!), a radical freethinking minister, a French shipbroker, and a gothic widow in all her mournful glory all star in this provocatice and unique exhibition along with a selection of Gemma's burlesque paintings.

Tomorrow is the exhibiton's last day so if you're in the area please get down to see it before it ends! We will be having a live V.J set about the work and I will be in my character's costume, here's a sneaky peek of what to expect;

Photograph by Photogracky

Private view is 7-9pm and people are encouraged to dress the part when they come along, burlesque, vintage, glamour, Victoriana you name it! Really hope to see you there!

On other subjects; my current painting is coming along well, but slower than usual as I haven't had much time to spend on it. I've also had a bit of a to-do with the lack of natural light at this time of year, but on the whole the work is almost finished and should be completed in my next session at the studio

I just need to finish painting the purple ribbon and fill in her hair. I'm also working on the right upper arm and elbow which is being a bit of a pain as the fixative I used for the gold leaf bled through the taped off area and wont take paint well. In fact every time I add paint it actually take off the paint I already applied. Has anyone got any suggestions? This is my first outing with gold leaf on a painting and I'm learning how to deal with it as I go.

Also in my last posting I told of the sad passing of Pin-up Queen Bettie Page. I thought it was only fitting to mention again the woman who inspired generations. This fabulous interview is titled 'Her life in her OWN words' enjoy;

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